Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Night Suds - Waterloo Dark Lager

Tonight's Sunday Night Suds beer review looks at Waterloo Dark Lager, another offering from the good folks at the Brick Brewery.

When people look at a dark beer, they generally assume that it will be heavy. I know that this shabbos when I had a Saranac Imperial Stout (reviewed here with my cholent, I knew that there would be a thick beer to mesh with the cholent and induce a well-needed shabbos afternoon nap. Of course, the 9% ABV also may have helped too.

In contrast to most dark beers, the Waterloo Dark Lager is a true lager with its characteristic light flavor and lacking the hoppiness found in many stouts and dark ales. If you visit the Laker website (, they market their beer as "looks dark, tastes light, its a dark lager!"

Having said that, there is a little more sophistication to this beer than the average Heineken/Rolling Rock lager taste. Although I am no brewmaster, I would assume that the use of the specialty malts that give the beer the dark color also lend it the sweetness that takes it out of just being a lager. I asked my wife whether she thought that the Heineken man would appreciate it, but she demurred. Perhaps I'll take one along for the sukkos trip anyway.

Waterloo Dark Lager would go well with most meat and chicken dishes. I am not sure how it would do up against a highly spiced Chinese type dish, but its flavor would complement steaks and poultry. I feel like it would also go extremely well with turkey, but have not tried it together as of yet.

Waterloo Dark Lager is certified kosher by the Kashruth Council of Canada. For the experts' take on Waterloo Dark Lager, click here

As always, please remember to drink responsibly and to never waste good beer unless there is no designated driver.

And to all those who have been mivatel zman to read my thoughts, I wish you all a chag sameach (happy holiday) a kesiva v'chasima tova (a good writing and sealing in the book of life).

Oh and by the way, if you are looking for a Rosh Hashana beer - see if your local beverage center has any Blue Moon Honey Moon. There's nothing like a honey beer on Rosh Hashana.

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