Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts on the Daf - Bava Kamma 93

Bava Kamma 93a contains a reference which (in my own narrow minded view of the world) validates my philosophy on dealing with my children's problems.

On 93a, R' Yitzchak states "woe to one who cries out, more than the one who is the subject of the outcry." The gemara supports this by citing to a beraisa which learns from Shemos 22:22-23 that Hashem will punish both the one who complains and the one who is complained about. The gemara finishes by stating that the one who does the crying is the one who will be punished first.

When dealing with my children and their occasional penchant to tattletale on each other, I try to teach them not to tell on each other, unless the subject child is doing something dangerous or is otherwise physically harming the "teller." The method is simple - if you are going to tattle on him/her, both of you are going to get punished - do you still want to tell me ...?

I'm glad to see that R' Yitzchak backs my philosophy on child rearing...

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