Monday, March 29, 2010

Pre Pesach Wishes

Although I was not planning on posting to the blog until after Pesach, I cannot help myself from sharing the following satirical news story which I saw on the Free Republic blog (original link here you Rabbi M for tipping me off to this "article").

Passover Hagaddah conclusion “Next Year in Jerusalem” deemed “unhelpful” by Obama administration March 23, 2010 By The Associated Press Shana Habbab (AP White House Correspondent) (AP) — An unidentified Israeli official has confirmed that private discussions between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu included a strong request from the President that the upcoming Passover holiday not include the familiar refrain of “next year in Jerusalem”, citing the passage as being provocative and unhelpful for future peace talks. The Administration suggested replacing it with “next year in peace” or “next year in Israel”, but leaving the final wording up to both the Israelis and Palestinians. Netanyahu is said to have balked at the request, indicating that the refrain dates back well before the UN Partition of 1947. The Prime Minister reportedly attempted to diffuse the situation by noting that the declaration lacks any political significance, adding that most people living outside of Israel just “say the words without having a real desire to live anywhere in Jerusalem.” He further explained that, “at most, they would like to come for the Passover holiday, but only staying at one of the hotels located in western part of the city.”

Sheer brilliance. May we be zocheh to next year in Jerusalem, with or without the blessing of the President who once stated "America does not presume to know what is best for everyone" but who makes a special exception to this rule for Israel.

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