Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Night Suds - Kirkland Signature German Style Lager

This week's belated Sunday Night Suds review looks at Kirkland's Signature German Style Lager. (More on the reason for the tardiness of the column at the bottom of the post).

I tried this beer last night with some take out Japanese food (yes there are kosher Japanese restaurants, but you need to go to Brooklyn or Manhattan to find them). Although Costco classifies this as a "German Style" lager, I could not tell from the taste which of the various styles of German beers they were trying to imitate. The BA website lists thirteen different kinds of German lagers including: Bock, Dopplebock, Eisbock, Helles Lager, Dunkel Lager, Oktoberfest, Rauchbier, Schwarzbier and Vienna Lager, all of which I have tasted and most of which I have reviewed on the blog.

The BA website classifies the German Style Lager as a Marzen/Oktoberfest although I don't have a clue why. The beer was not brewed in March (maybe I'm being too critical) but it also does not taste like an Oktoberfest either.

So what did the beer taste like? Not much, I'm afraid. The beer poured an orange color with a small amount of foam on top. The beer did not taste of hops or malts and was rather thin on body. Maybe that's why they called it a lager as opposed to the other three ales which come in the 24 count mix box.

Kirkland Signature German Style Lager is under the Kosher Supervision of the Va'ad of Detroit and bears the Va'ad logo on the bottom right corner of the front label. To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about Kirkland Signature German Style Lager, please follow this link

As always, please remember to drink responsibly and to never waste good beer unless there is no designated driver.

If you've tried this beer or any others which have been reviewed on the kosher beers site, please feel free to post your comments (anonymous comments are acceptable).

Finally, the reason for the lateness of the this post is that I was present at an OU program this evening where there was a panel of mashgichim who spoke on various topics. Yes, there was a mashgiach who spoke on beer (thank you Rabbi M for alerting me to this program). I spoke with the mashgiach and found to my delight that there will soon be a large block of micro and macros beers which will be under hashgacha. As soon as I have confirmation as to their kashrus I will release the list on the site.

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Mottel said...

It seems most like a German Pilsner style to me

Neil T said...

I can see that.