Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Night Suds - Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout.

The Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout was one of my first experiments with heavy stouts when I began my beer education. I can recall buying a six pack of it in 2004 or 2005 and trying to force myself to drink them so that I could learn to "appreciate" dark stouts. It was a dismal failure and I wound up giving as many away as I could.

Fast forward to winter 2010 and they are now selling Black Chocolate Stout in 4 packs instead of sixers. I went to my favorite beer store and mixed a four of the Black Chocolate Stout and Brooklyn's Monster Ale (also sold in 4 packs and reviewed here - ).

Since stouts can do suprisingly well with dessers, I decided to see how the Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout would do with Mrs Kosher Beers' Double Chocolate chip cookies. The answer? Its still way too dark for me to drink, even when sipping it together with my wife's excellent cookies. (Happy Mother's Day Sarah).

The folks at BA classify the Black Chocolate Stout as a Russian Imperial Stout, which is described as:

the king of stouts, boasting high alcohol by volumes and plenty of malt character. Low to moderate levels of carbonation with huge roasted, chocolate and burnt malt flavours. Often dry. Suggestions of dark fruit and flavors of higher alcohols are quite evident. Hop character can vary from none, to balanced to aggressive.
I found the Black Chocolate Stout to be full of heavy malt with a flavor that was like Guiness mixed with coffee grounds. While there may be some who enjoy this kind of beer, I find that I am still unable to drink an entire bottle of the stuff.

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout is under the kosher supervision of the Va'ad of Detroit as are all 12 oz Brooklyn beers which are brewed in the Utica plant.

For the experts' take on the Black Chocolate Stout please click here

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