Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts on the Daf - Avodah Zara 31

It was pure hasgacha pratis that Avodah Zara 31 fell on a Tuesday in the current daf cycle, as the daf discusses whether beer is subject to the same type of stringency as kosher wine.

The first reference to the kashruth of beer is found on 31b, when the gemara asks - why did they prohibit the beer of idolaters. Tosafos (d'h Mipnei) is quick to comment that this prohibition is not found in the mishna nor beraisa and opines that it might have been a temporary prohibition in the time of the Amoraim.

Other Rishonim comment on the issue and ponder why the issur of stam beer was not followed in the same way as pas akum or bishul akum. The Ran explains that the gezeira on beer was not followed in the same way as pas akum because bread is a staple of life and beer is not. He further comments that because bread is made by women there is more of a danger of chasnus then with beer (although Rashi's explanation of Chasnus would seem to point in the opposite direction).

The Biurei Rishonim in the V'shinanatam version of Avodah Zara distinguishes beer from bishul akum as he notes that the ingredients in beer can be consumed raw (c'mo shehu chai) and would therefore exempt beer from the issur of bishul akum.

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Yaakov said...

Rabbi Elefant brought the Daf Yomi Digest Halacha Highlight that brings poskim who say there is no bishul akum by beer or coffee b/c we make a beracha of shhakol the main ingredient is the water and there no bishul akum on water
for more on beer and coffee see here http://hearos.blogspot.com/