Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Night Suds - Laker Light

The last pre-Pesach Sunday Night Suds reaches for the back of shelf and review Laker Light.

While preparing my list of chametz which my Rav will be selling for us (iy"h) I came across a six pack of Laker Light which I had purchased during my last trip to visit the northern part of our clan. After double checking to make sure that it had not been previously reviewed on this site, I put a bottle in the fridge to review for this week's post.

The Laker Light pours a bright yellow, much like many traditional lagers. However, the taste of the Laker Light leaves most light lagers behind. The beer actually had a beer taste which is a step up from most light beers. This was surprising since the beer has a 4% abv which is lower than most of the macro light beers with no flavor. By way of example, Miller Lite has a 4.17% abv, while Bud Light and Coors Light each go off at 4.20% abv.

The quality of the brew was also evident evident in the carbonation and the lacing on the glass. Even an hour plus after I opened the bottle, the beer still had some decent carbonation and the flavor really started to grow on me. Don't get me wrong, I won't be doing anything crazy like giving up ales or moving to Canada to get more of this beer. Still, it has earned my respect - if I was making a shalom zachor in Canada, I could see offering this as the light beer alternative at the simcha.

Laker Light is certified kosher by the COR (aka Kashruth Council of Canada). For the experts' take on Laker Light click here

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