Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Night Suds - Lake Placid Winter Lager

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Lake Placid Winter Lager.

On my last trip up to Camp M, I made my annual summer trip to Peekskill Beverage World on Main Street in downtown Peekskill. Beverage World is one of those beer stores that prides itself on carrying a wide selection of brews ranging from macros to local craft brewers to the best of the domestic micros.

The one minor problem with a beer store like this is the turnover or lack thereof. While some city based beer store have a great deal of foot traffic, you need to know that Beverage World exists or stumble across it in order to find this place. The result is that the stock can be old and dusty and you need to pay attention to what you are picking up. I came very close to buying an Octoberfest which I thought was getting a jump on fall beers before I checked the Gregorian bottle ID and saw that the beer was left over from fall 2010.

Of course, this is not to say that all the beer in the store was past its prime. I picked up a six pack of fresh Lake Placid Hefeweizen and was on my way up to the register when I saw the Winter Lager. Although I knew that it was made in late 2010, I had to mix one of them into my Hefeweizen six pack. I was glad that I did.

The Lake Placid people (OK the Saranac people) may call this a Winter Lager but in truth its really more of a Bock, which is just another reason to seek out this brew. The beer poured a dark amber with a little lacing that stayed on the glass for longer than I could have expected. The first taste was bready and the refined sweet but dry flavor of the brew stayed with me well after the swallow. I would even consider ranking this up towards a dubbel as the alcohol content (6.5% abv) and the alcohol flavor push in that direction.

Lake Placid Winter Lager is under the kashruth supervision of the Va'ad of Detroit, as it is bottled at the FX Matt plant in Utica. For the experts' take on Lake Placid Honey Rye, please click here

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