Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Night Suds - Keystone Ice

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Keystone Ice

I have two general rules when it comes to beer sold in oversized cans. Rule #1 - If the beer comes from from large domestic breweries (such as Coors) don't expect much flavor. Rule #2 - If the beer is priced at less than $2 per can, be prepared for the look you will get from the sales clerk when you buy just one can. When I purchased the Keystone Ice, I avoided Rule #2 by using the self checkout line at the supermarket (although I think that I may still have gotten a look from the kid manning the help desk). The first rule still applied...

When opening the Keystone Ice, I was immediately hit with the aroma of corn or adjunct lager. It brought me back to my early beer drinking days when I used to prefer Bud Ice which came in 12 pack bottles with little penguins that turned blue when the beer was cold enough to drink. At that phase of my beer career, I was not looking for hops, I just wanted something cold to go well with the cholent on shabbos and the Bud Ice fit the bill.

The Keystone Ice poured a pale, almost straw colored yellow. There was some foam on top of my glass from the initial pour, but it quickly dissipated. The taste was macrolager, as could be expected, but not as bland as Budweiser or MGD.

Of note, the beer does have a relatively high alcohol content for a domestic macrolager (5.9% abv according to the can), so drinking a 24 oz bottle would be the equivalent of three standard beers. Of course given the taste, you might need to be tipsy already to even consider drinking the whole can...

Keystone Ice is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union like nearly every beer produced by MillerCoors and there is an OU on the can. For the experts take on the Keystone Ice, please click here

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