Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Night Suds - Brooklyn Brown Ale

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Brooklyn Brown Ale.

I read a news short last week about some bar in Manhattan which was going to ban Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Boston Ale during the Super Bowl. The article indicated that the tavern was going to push Brooklyn Brewery products instead. (There was no indication whether the ban would apply to all beers from New England or just those which had Boston in their moniker).

Having no strong interest in rooting for the hated New England Patriots and having developed a grudging respect for Eli Manning after he kept getting up after taking hits from the San Francisco 49ers, I indulged this unnamed bar and decided to review Brooklyn Brown Ale.

Since I have never reviewed a Brown Ale on this blog, I have reproduced below the BA definition of the style:
Spawned from the English Brown Ale, the American version can simply use American ingredients. Many other versions may have additions of coffee or nuts. This style also encompasses "Dark Ales". The bitterness and hop flavor has a wide range and the alcohol is not limited to the average either.
An interesting note about American Brown Ales is that they have an extremely wide range of alcohol content (anywhere from 4-8% abv). The Brooklyn Brown Ale sat towards the middle at 5.6%abv.

The Brooklyn Brown Ale poured a dark, almost coffee like brown color with more than an inch of thick foam which did not quickly dissipate. There is a lot of malt in the front of this brew and a bit of a (natural) caramel aftertaste which sits well after finishing my sip.

I would pair this beer with char grilled meat or thick stews. I would not recommend this with light fare or fish or salads which simply cannot stand up to this full bodied ale.

Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale is under the kosher supervision of the Va'ad of Detroit as are all 12 oz Brooklyn beers which are brewed in the Utica plant.

For the experts' take on the Brown Ale please click here

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