Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Night Suds - Third Shift Amber Lager

Following up on last week's New Belgium Shift Pale Lager, this week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Third Shift Amber Lager.

Third Shift Amber Lager is one of those beers which pretend to be craft brews but simply is not. Third Shift is a "new" line from MillerCoors which seems to be rolling out new beers at the rate of one or two a month. This beer began distribution around the same time that MillerCoors began to market the more superior Redd's Amber Ale. Although neither beer advertises that it is a division of beer giant Miller Coors, they both are the offspring of this mega company.

In fairness, MillerCoors does have a solid selection of micro/craft brews such as Leinenkugel and BlueMoon. These breweries produce flavorful beer and are always innovating by coming out with new seasonals and limited editions.

The Third Shift Amber Lager does not come close to the quality micro/craft brews produced at Leine or Blue Moon. Instead, the Third Shift tastes like a below average Vienna Lager with very little to distinguish it from the other macrolagers produced by MillerCoors, other than the coloring of the bottle and the fact that it can't be purchased in twenty four pack cans at your local gas station.

Third Shift Amber Lager is under the kosher supervision of the Orthodox Union and there is an OU on the label. To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about Third Shift Amber Lager, please follow this link

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Charles said...

Tastes like a beer brewed by Miller's union workers disgruntled about working a 'Third Shift'. After one, I poured the other 5 down the sink and thought it would throw them up. How do you get the cheap Miller after taste out of your mouth? To think in college I would have drank anything with alcohol. Would not have drank this stuff!