Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday's Thoughts on the Daf - Pesachim 54

Pesachim 54 is is chock full of agaddah on the first amud and returns to the perek's Ein Bein theme on the second. I would like to devote this post to two points raised in the agaddah portion and more specifically, two Rashis that are worth their weight in gold.

On amud alef, the gemara twice mentions items which were created by Hashem on Friday afternoon of creation. The first braisa lists various creations, including the "be'er" which Rashi explains is the well of Miriam. Rashi clarifies that this was also the rock which Moshe caused to bring forth water. This supports a vort which I read (although I can't remember in whose name) that Moshe hit the rock out of frustration because he could not figure out which of the rocks which was in front of him was the be'er of Miriam which he needed to talk to.

Towards the bottom of amud alef, the gemara again mentions items which were  created by Hashem on Friday afternoon of creation. The second braisa mentions many of these same creations and then adds (by way of a yesh omrim) the clothing of Adam HaRishon. Rashi (on amud beis) explains that these clothes had images of wild and domesticated animals on them and that the clothes were given to Nimrod. Rashi further notes that Esav killed Nimrod and took the clothes from him and that these were the "Chamudos" which Esav entrusted with his mother, Rivka. Of course, these were the clothes that she gave to Yitzchak when he impersonated Esav and to which Yaakov remarked that the scent of his son is like the scent of the field, which the mefarshim understand to mean, Gan Eden.

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