Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Night Suds - Leinenkugel Hoppin Helles

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Leinenkugel's Hoppin' Helles Lager.

This year's fall mix box from Leinenkugel features two new beers - the Orange Shandy (reviewed here the Hoppin Helles Lager, along with old standbys Oktoberfest (reviewed here and the rebbetzin - Honey Weiss (reviewed here

The Hoppin Helles is a Munich Helles Lager which the experts at Beer Advocate explain came about because:

When the golden and clean lagers of Plzen (Bohemia) became all the rage in the mid-1800's, M√ľnchen brewers feared that Germans would start drinking the Czech beer vs. their own. Munich Helles Lager was their answer to meet the demand. A bit more malty, they often share the same spicy hop characters of Czech Pils, but are a bit more subdued and in balance with malts. "Helles" is German for "bright.

The Leinenkugel Hoppin' Helles is true to its name as the beer has significant hop bite for a lager. But having said that, there is a generous amount of malt which does not let you forget the character of the beer. The resulting beer is a creamy lager which sneaks up on you and leaves an aftertaste of hops. I enjoyed two of these with Mrs KB with different meals and each time the beer was a nice accompaniment. I could see pairing this beer with poultry or lighter beef dishes.

Leinenkugel Hoppin' Helles is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, and has an OU on the label. To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about Leinenkugel Hoppin' Helles, please follow this link

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