Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday's Parsha Tidbits - Parshas Bereishis

Although I would normally blog on the R' Frand shiur from this evening, there was a problem with the broadcast of the R' Frand shiur this evening on TCN. Rather than leaving the blog without a vort for shabbos, I am attempting to repeat a vort heard from R' Eli Mansour as recorded on Same rules as usual apply - I have attempted to reproduce the vort to the best of my ability. Any perceived inconsistency is the result of my efforts to transcribe the shiur and should not be attributed to the maggid shiur.

R' Mansour quoted Rashi who explains that Bereishis actually joins together two concepts - because of the reishis (first) the world was created - because of the Jews and the Torah, each of which was called reishis - the world was created.

R' Mansour then explained that based on this concept, the creation does not end until 2448 years later when the Torah was given. R' Mansour tied this to the use of the heh hayidiah - the heh which marks the definitive article in the sixth day of creation. Each of the days of creation are referred to as Yom __ with a referral to the day of creation. However by the sixth day it states HaShishi. Rashi explains that this refers to the day the Torah was given - the sixth day of Sivan. Furthermore the use of the letter heh symbolizes 5 - the five books of the Torah.

R' Mansour expanded on this vort and explained that the world can only exist because someone is learning Torah. He quoted the Zohar which states that the reason that there are time zones is to ensure that somewhere at all times a person can learn Torah.

R' Mansour linked this to the Medrash which states that when the Jews accepted the Torah, Hashem had held Mt Sinai over their heads and told them that if they did not accept the Torah, Hashem would drop the mountain on them. He explained based on the Zohar that Hashem was not just threatening the end of them, He was stating that the whole world would be destroyed.

R' Mansour analogizes this to a patient. If the doctor comes to the patient and says that the patient needs oxygen the patient should not really be given the choice of whether or not to take the oxygen. The doctor knows that the patient needs oxygen and its not the patient's choice to accept or refuse it.

But the question needs to be asked - if the world cannot exist without the Torah, how could 2448 years elapsed without the learning of the Torah? R' Mansour answered that the world was running on back up power - Hashem was temporarily powering the world until the Torah was accepted.

However this gives rise to another question - since Torah is so important to the world, why did Hashem wait 2448 years instead of just giving it to Adam at creation? R' Mansour answered that before the Torah could be given there was a need for an infrastructure. The Jews needed the traits learned from Avraham of chessed and kindness, from Yitzchak the concept of sacrifice, from Yaakov the ability to study... Once Hashem had built the nation of Israel and prepared it to receive the Torah, only then could the Torah be given.

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