Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Night Suds - Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat.

Every time that I drink this beer, I seem to have chili around. I first picked up this brew when our daf yomi group was making our siyum for Horayos. Since it was a Thursday night, the siyum belonged to Bency S and he announced that he was going to be serving chili at the siyum. A couple of guys brought cake and crackers, but I wanted to bring beer, because that's what I do. I went down to the Beverage Barn looking for something in the fridge which would work and I saw the Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat. I had never tried this version of Leinenkugel, but since they make a quality brew and witbiers usually go well with smoky chili.

When I showed up at the siyum I was surprised to learn that the chili was vegetarian. Would a witbier do well with a meatless chili? The overwhelming answer was yes. Although the crowd was made up of mostly non-beer drinkers, they all enjoyed the Sunset Wheat with Bency's overspiced chili. I brought one of the left over bottles home and Mrs Kosher Beers really enjoyed it too.

Fast forward to dinner this evening and I had my last bottle of Sunset Wheat was chilling in the fridge waiting to be the subject of this week's post. My oldest daughter Penina asked Sarah to make Mexican food for dinner, which for us means hot wings, chips and salsa and chili and rice. This time the Sunset Wheat really worked with the chili. I don't know if its the coriander or other spice/flavor that they add to the brew, but this souped up Witbier is a great pairing with chili.

Leinenkugel Sunset wheat is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, although the product currently in the marketplace does not yet have an OU on the label. If you would like a copy of the LOC please contact me via email.

To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat, please follow this link

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