Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Night Suds - Red Baron Lime

Continuing with the lime flavored beer reviews which started last week, this week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Red Baron Lime.

As discussed in last week's post, there are a few kosher lime flavored beers. The "oldest" of the kosher lime flavored beers is the Rising Moon (reviewed here), the Blue Moon spring seasonal beer which is brewed with kieffer lime leaves and lime zest. More recent entries in this field are the New Belgium Skinny Dip (reviewed here) and most recently, Miller Lime Chill.

Suffice it to say that all lime flavored beers are not created equal. While the New Belgium Skinny Dip and the Blue Moon Rising Moon provide drinkable brews with a hint of lime essence, the Red Baron Lime is like drinking a beer with a dum dum lollypop at the bottom of the bottle. The lime flavoring added to the brew hits you when you open the bottle and keep coming at you with every sip. I tried pairing this brew with various foods and there really was no flavor that was not overwhelmed by the lime flavoring in the beer. I even "tried" sharing this brew with Mrs Kosher Beers and she wanted nothing to do with it.

Red Baron Lime is certified kosher by the COR. Although the Red Baron Lime is not listed on their website as one of the approved beers from the Brick Brewery, I confirmed with Rabbi Norman of the COR by phone that the Red Baron Lime is acceptable. As to whether you would actually want to drink this beer, that's up to you...

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As always, please remember to drink responsibly and to never waste good beer unless there is no designated driver.

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