Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Night Suds - Sprecher IPA2

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Sprecher's Ipa2 (aka IPA sqaured or Double IPA).

Another beer that was brought in from the Midwest for me at a family simcha in MD (thanks again Jake!). This was not a beer that I knew was available on the market and did not see on the Binny's website. However, after I phoned in an order to have ready for pick up, I got a call back from Binny's about this brand new beer which they had just gotten in.

As regular readers of this column are aware, I am a big fan of IPAs as I love the hoppiness and crisp flavor of an American IPA. When Binny's told me that Sprecher had made a double IPA, I jumped at the opportunity and had it added to my tab. Little did I know that this was a seder beer. What is a seder beer? Its a beer that is different than all other beers, sometimes for good and sometimes for the drain.

By way of explanation, I had tried quite a few Sprecher beers before putting in an order for the Double IPA and I had found that they ranged from slightly above average to outstanding. Additionally, while Sprecher only sells their beer in 4 packs - the bottles are usually true pint bottles (16 oz). However the Double IPA was a four pack of traditional 12 oz bottles.

By now you can probably see where this is going ... the Sprecher IPA2 was not a typical IPA. The beer itself was exceedingly bitter, but not in a traditional IPA manner. I had started with a little floral flavor but by the end it was just a dry, slightly flat beer. It almost seemed like they were trying to create a barleywine type flavor, but even if I had tried the beer with the expectation that it was a barleywine, I still would not have thought that it was true to style. I may try one more of the four pack, but if I don't like it I will probably try to give away the other two.

Sprecher IPA2 is certified kosher by Wisconsin Kosher and their is a kosher symbol on the four pack holder, although not on the individual bottles. For the experts' take on the Sprecher IPA2 please click here

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