Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Night Suds - Uinta Wyld

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Uinta's Wyld, an organic Extra Pale Ale.

As discussed in a post earlier this summer, Utah based Uinta Brewing Company is the most recent brewery to obtain kosher certification. Uinta brews a number of beers under its Uinta label, but it also has a creative/quirky division called the "Four+ Beers." The Uinta website explains that "four" refers to the four primary ingredients: hops, water, yeast, and barley, whereas the plus is "[t]he magical combination of elements to create an exceptional beer requires the alchemy of the brewer's art: skills, palate, and creativity. This is a key component of the "plus", but not all of it. There's always an element that defies definition."

All of the Four+ beers have interesting names and descriptions such as Monkshine - Belgian Style Pale Ale, Rype - Orange Tinged Wheat Beer, Hyve - Honey Stung Ale, Sum'r Organic Summer Ale, Punk'n - Harvest Pumpkin Ale and the Wyld Organic Pale Ale.

The interesting thing about the Wyld Organic Pale Ale is the incredible citrus flavor. Unlike the Shiner Ruby Redbird which is flavored with grapefruit, the Wyld is not a flavored beer, but I could swear there is some citrus juice in the brew. I received this beer as part of a Chicago care package that Binny's packed up for my BiL to deliver to me at a family simcha last weekend (thanks Jake!). I enjoyed this beer on its own and was able to appreciate it without blending it with food. Since I only have a few more to work with I will cautiously experiment with some APA friendly foods.

Uinta Wyld is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union and bears an OU on the label. For the experts' take on the Uinta Wyld please click here

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