Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Night Suds - Keystone Ice

This week's post fast edition of Sunday Night Suds looks at Keystone Ice.

When you have completed one of the longest non twenty-five hour fasts of the year, you generally try to stay away from certain foods. I learned in my early thirties that I could no longer tolerate heavy meat dishes after a long fast. But even when you opt for lighter post fast fare, there could still be a place for a lighter beer. Unfortunately, Keystone Ice may not be a good choice among the lighter options.

Keystone Ice is what most would call an adjunct lager. These beers are brewed with cereal grains such as rice and corn. By substituting these grains for barley, the breweries are able to cut their costs and pass the savings along to the consumer. However, the reduction of the barley content can (and usually does) result in a diminution of flavor.

The Keystone Ice poured a pale yellow, although not as light as some "lite" beers. Perhaps due to the temperature or maybe just because, there was little lacing after the foam settled.

The Keystone Ice had a faint beer taste, but was more influenced by corn than anything else. The beer reminded me a little of Rolling Rock, although the corn flavor is much stronger in the true Pennsylvania brew.

The Keystone Ice is higher in alcohol than the average macrolager, as it touts itself as 5.9% abv. This combined with the price of the beer and the volume of the cans demonstrates the intended market of this brew. V'hameivin Yavin.

I cannot recommend the Keystone Ice to be paired with any particular food, but if you are looking for a beer which will not clash with your meal or a beer which sacrifices flavor for cost, this beer is for you.

Keystone Ice is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union and there is an OU on the can. For the experts' take on Keystone Ice, please click here .

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