Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Night Suds - Modelo Especial

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Modelo Especial.

Although not widely known, there are many Mexican beers which are under kosher supervision. Past Sunday Night Suds columns have reviewed some more well known Mexican brews like Corona (click here to see the review) and some not so well known brews like Negra Modelo (click here to see the review). The odd thing is that after Corona, the Modelo Especial is their next "best selling" beer, yet it is widely unknown outside of the Latin community.

The experts at BA have labeled the Modelo Especial an American Adjunct Lager, but I find this beer to taste less of corn or cereal filler and more like the true Pilsner which it purports to be. The beer poured a pale gold with a small amount of foam which quickly dissipated. The first few sips were quite refreshing and tasted of standard lager with a little something else which I can't really define. Maybe there is a little corn, but nothing rising to the level of Rolling Rock or Heineken in which the corn dominates all the other possible flavors of the brew.

The Modelo Especial is a good nine days beer in that it would go well with most substitute meat fare. Besides the obvious pairing with dairy nachos, refried beans or chips and salsa, I would very much consider having one of these with a spicy veggie burger or even pizza.

Modelo Especial is certified kosher by the OK laboratories as are many other beers produced by Compania Cervcera Del Tropico S.A. de CV. To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about Negra Modelo, please follow this link

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