Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Night Suds - Lakefront Fixed Gear American Red Ale

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Lakefront Brewery's Fixed Gear American Red Ale.
Every so often you come across a beer that really makes you pause. When I first tried the Fixed Gear, it made me think of another ale with a similar flavor profile. The name of the brew only reinforced to me that the Lakefront folks were aiming to make a beer much like that cult favorite, the Fat Tire from New Belgium.
The Fixed Gear Red Ale poured a deep amber, near red color with quite a bit of foam which stayed up on the side of the cup. The hops were prevalent, but the malts were also present, perhaps more than one would expect of an ale.
But while the Fixed Gear Red Ale was clearly modeled after the Fat Tire, the beer is not as rich as the New Belgium brew. The toffee notes and caramel, even a little bitter brown sugar can be tasted in successive sips of the brew, but while the flavors are there, the brew is not as thick as one would expect.
I would pair this brew with smoky, charred beef or sweet BBQ ribs as the flavors would be perfectly complemented by the brew. If you find that this beer pairs well with other dishes, please drop me a comment on the blog post.
Lakefront Brewery's Fixed Gear American Red Ale is under the kosher supervision of the Star-K (there is even a Star-K on the label). For the experts' take on the Fixed Gear, please click here

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