Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Night Suds - Samuel Adams Little White Rye

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Samuel Adams Little White Rye.

Although this beer appears to be a Rye beer, the actually product is anything but conventional. A rye beer is usually a beer in which malted rye is substituted for some of the malted barley. Rye can also be used to make Roggenbier. However, the Samuel Adams Little White Rye does not fall into any of these categories.

After sampling this brew, I went to Beer Advocate to look how the experts have classified this beer. To my surprise, the beer was defined as a Witbier, but this too did not seem to fit the characteristics of the brew.

So what is this beer? It has some characteristics of an American Wheat Beer, somewhat like a Blue Moon. But the spices in the beer make it much more interesting than a pedestrian American Wheat. The Sam Adams people have added orange peel and coriander, but also sage and it is the final additive which really spices up this brew.

I had this beer on its own after dinner, but I feel like that the brew would be an excellent complement to sushi. Since we don't have sushi very often, I will have to keep the second bottle of this for the next time that we have some.

The Little White Rye is sold only in the Beers of Summer box which also includes Blueberry Hill Lager (reviewed here -, Porch Rocker (reviewed here Belgian Session; the flagship Boston Lager (reviewed here ) and old favorite Summer Ale (reviewed here -

One other quick piece of news - I was advised via email from the Star-K on Friday that four new Samuel Adams beers will be under kosher supervision: Time Traveller, Strawberry Lager, Tetravis and Honey Queen. Keep an eye open for reviews of these beers in the not too distant future.

The Samuel Adams Little White Rye is under the Kosher Supervision of the Star-K and has a Star-K certification mark on the label. To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about this brew, please follow this link - 

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