Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Night Suds - Flying Bison Rusty Chain

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Flying Bison's Rusty Chain.

Last week, our winter vacation took us through Buffalo, New York, one of the great (but largely unknown) beer towns of the East Coast. I stopped in a few of the stores which received superior reviews on Beer Advocate and I was not disappointed with the selection and the prices at Consumers and Premier Gourmet. But even the supermarkets have impressive beer selection and I was wowed by the variety of beer at the local Wegman's in Amherst.

When I popped into Wegman's on our way up to Canada, I saw that the beer available to mix your own six pack included Flying Bison Brewery. Flying Bison is only available in the Greater Buffalo/Erie County area, but they are certified kosher and I had always wanted to try them, but I had never seen them before. Given that tonight's Super Bowl is being played between the Seahawks and Broncos, I figured that a brewery which called itself Flying Bison would be the perfect beer to accompany our family's pre-Super Bowl supper.

I chose the Rusty Chain beer for tonight's beer review because it had the quirkiest name of the Flying Bison beers that I purchased. Although the gurus at BA have labelled this beer an American Amber/Red Ale, the beer label indicates that it is a Vienna style beer. This initially gave me pause as I have tried Vienna Lagers and with certain very limited exceptions, I have found that I am not particularly fond of that style. Luckily for me, the Flying Bison was not a Vienna Lager, although I would not say that it reached all the way to Red Ale category either.

The Flying Bison Rusty Chain poured a rich amber with a decent amount of foam which quickly settled back into the glass. There was a decent amount of malt up front, but I did taste some spiciness which could be attributed to the hops. This beer was quite drinkable and did not clash with the chili and hot wings that Mrs KB made for our pre-SB feast. If I could get more of this down here, I would probably buy it by the six pack and experiment with poultry or lightly grilled meats.

Flying Bison Rusty Chain is certified kosher under the Va'ad of Detroit and there is a kosher symbol on the side of the bottle.

To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about the Flying Bison Rusty Chain, please follow this link

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