Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Night Suds - Samuel Adams Escape Route

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Samuel Adams Escape Route.

As New York experienced a brief respite from our extremely harsh winter, it is a fitting week to review the Samuel Adams Escape Route.

I first tried this beer on Thursday Night after I came back from the Rabbi Frand shiur and a shul meeting that followed the shiur. My first bottle of Escape Route was so memorable that when I sat down to write today's SNS post, I could not even remember what it tasted like, so I had to have another tonight.

Although the name of the beer does not let on what style of beer it is trying to emulate, the good folks at BA have been charitable enough to pin it down as a Kolsch. The beer poured a medium yellow with little carbonation and no hops to speak of. The flavor was like a slightly amped up lager with some malts and a little breadiness, but not much else.

This beer would be best described as a summer BBQ beer - something to drink with a burger when it is blazing hot outside and you don't want a beer that is too heavy or alcoholic. I would not recommend this beer for any serious main course/entree as the flavor is so mild it would not compliment the food. 

The Samuel Adams Escape Route has a Star-K on the label, but is not listed on the December 2013 LOC on the Star-K website. To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about this brew, please follow this link -

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