Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Night Suds - Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA.

Traditionally, the stronger the hops in the IPA, the bolder the citrus flavors. Some times the brew will evoke a grapefruit like flavor, such as the Uinta Wyld (reviewed here Other times the brewer will add grapefruit juice to the brew which creates a sweet/tart brew, as with the Shiner Ruby Redbird (reviewed here

The Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA takes the grapefruit concept in an entirely different direction. The beer is made with grapefruit juice and grapefruit peel and the addition of both the the juice and the peel gives the beer a really nice bite. I can't really tell if any of the hop flavor is coming through because of all of the added flavoring, but the resultant brew is quite flavorful and packs quite a punch (6.3% abv) despite all the additives.

I would pair this brew with saucy chicken dishes or even grilled salmon (not the same, but both would work well with this tart brew).

The Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA is under the Kosher Supervision of the Star-K and has a Star-K certification mark on the label (for a change, it is also on the LOC -twice!). To see what the experts on Beer Advocate think about this brew, please follow this link -

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