Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Night Suds - Coney Island Brewing 1609 Amber Ale

This week's Sunday Night Suds looks at Coney Island Brewing 1609 Amber Ale.

As the days wind down to the beer free days of Pesach, its often a good time to pull some beer from the back of the shelf before it goes bad. When Coney Island Brewing first officially became kosher certified, I bought a few bottles of each of the beers which were on the LOC and mixed a six. But then this brew sat on the shelf and got buried behind other more recent beer that I bought until I recently had to reorganize in the post Purim/shalach manos unpacking.

I was wondering about the 1970s' artwork and odd name, so I checked the website and learned that the Coney Island people (when they were owned by Shmaltz Brewing) wanted to tie this beer to the first steps of the pilgrims in North America. I don't really see much of a connection, but that's just me.

The beer pours a rich amber (see glass pictured above) with significant lacing which lasted for some time. The first few sips were all bready malt - almost as if it was a lager. Successive sips had some hops, but the pine was quite subdued. There was a slight alcohol bite, but at 4.8% abv, this beer is on the low end of the scale for an Amber Ale. 

I would not recommend pairing this beer with anything more than pizza, but it would make a decent pizza brew.

As discussed above, the Coney Island 1609 Amber Ale is certified kosher by the Star-K, although not every beer brewed by Coney Island is currently on the LOC. To view and download the LOC for Boston Beer which includes Coney Island (as well Angry Orchard) click here

To see what the experts at BA think about this brew, click here (keep in mind, many of these reviews are from the old formulation - my beer had a best before date of May 2016).

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