Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Night Suds - Shiner Blonde

This week's Sunday Night Suds review looks at another of the beers produced at the Spoetzel Brewery of Shiner, Texas - Shiner Blonde.

As I indicated in a November post on the Shiner Hefeweizen ( - the Spoetel Brewery has been producing beers under the Va'ad of Detroit for a few years. While these beers have achieved cult status in some locales, they are still unavailable in the New York area. The Shiner Blonde reviewed tonight was purchased in Chicago, Illinois and survived a trip home in my suitcase.

What is a blonde beer? Beer Advocate labels this brew as an American Pale Lager, which it defines as "lagers brewed without cereal adjuncts (mainly rice or corn). Though often still yellow and fizzy, these beers will display a broader depth of malt flavor and a more complex bitterness vs. their adjunct counterparts."

It should also be noted that not all blonde beers are lagers. A previous Sunday Night Suds reviewed the Redhook Blonde (, a blonde ale produced by the bi-coastal Redhook brewery with a much higher alcohol content (5.77%) than the Shiner Blonde Lager (4.4%).

Shiner Blonde is a very drinkable lighter beer. The flavor has no discernible hops and is basically all malt. It would make an excellent shalom zachor brew as it does not fill you up and would not be hard to finish after having eaten a large Friday Night supper. Of course you still have to find enough of it to be able to serve it at the shalom zachor, but if you live in its regular market...

Shiner Blonde (like many other beers produced at the Shiner Brewery) is certified kosher by the Va'ad of Detrot. For the experts' take on Shiner Blonde, click here .

As always, please remember to drink responsibly and to never waste good beer unless there is no designated driver.

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